Client – Leading Multinational Bank


The client is the back office division of Standard chartered back worldwide. They handle a wide range of value-added and complex services from Banking Operations to supporting global HR processes, Finance and Accounting services, Software Development and maintenance, and providing IT Service and Helpdesk support and customer service support to the Group globally. They employ 10,000 people in various back office and call centres across the world from 70 locations.

The challenge:

The client banking operations division wanted create an e-learning based induction program for new joins to train then in their complex credit card transaction application system.

Business Challenge

The problem was with growing transaction volume, the training process for new joins had become a logistical challenge and their existing 100% classroom training became difficult to scale with growing demand.

The objective was to create a new blended induction program and deliver the eLearning modules to new inductees on their desktops with online assessments combined with lesser number of classroom and interactive sessions.

This would help to scale the training program, decrease the time to execute and complete it, enable faster resolution of customer requests with better assimilation of knowledge thereby reducing overall cost of training.

The process:

As a turn-key project we had become an end-to-end outsourcing partner for our client. WE nominated a Project Manager to oversee the implementation of course development.

  • We created a Project milestone chart to plan, organize and align the resources for timely completion of project.
  • Set-up the core team under the project manager with escalation mechanism and communication strategies
  • Bought in the best SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to work on course curriculum
  • Created an Index / TOC (Table of content) to bring a logical flow and structure aligned with learning outcomes.
  • Upon client approval created standardised template with style guides for content formatting, instructional design and gave it to the SME to create content as per the standards prescribed in the template.
  • Create a seamless process for capture the application screens and apply interaction and simulation to create an effective eLearning program. Rapid learning tools were used to create software simulations.
  • Created a Test case for all the deliverable for the quality control / assurance team to test and report errors
  • Delivered all the content for client review and feedback.

Final delivery:

  • Created eLearning courseware for 30 different credit card processes
  • Each process module had an Application video with voice over explanation, an interactive simulation for users to input data and check the correctness of the flow and input into the application software
  • Game based assessments with point system
  • Real-time application scenarios we built in the system to check the knowledge of the user
  • Creation of question bank both objective and narrative which are LMS compliant
  • Developed several short explainer videos for each subject for a duration of 5-8 minutes
  • Simulations and gamification of content, creating interactive hotspots like crosswords

Concept mapping to give conceptual understanding using mind maps and flowcharts


  • Faster execution of training program which is scalable with a 30% reduction in execution of induction programs then the conventional form
  • Better learning outcome with respect to the user knowledge and faster resolution of customer complaints there by reducing the call time.
  • Greater Return on Investment (ROI) per user (call centre agent) Vis-à-vis the investment made on training them.