Sales Enablement Solutions

Sunray has been at forefront in developing training solution for sales organization with a vast network of offices and distributors. Sales professionals are required to be up to date on the product and services they sell to clients, we have seen that as the business scale companies are unable to cope up with training their sales staff adequately and on time thus leading to revenue loss.

Online Sales Training Programs

Sunray has helped different companies to train their staff online having different challenges and some of the trainings that we delivered online include

  • Product Knowledge updates
  • Soft skills like negotiation and communication
  • System software training on CRM tools
  • Selling skills
  • Sales on-boarding
  • Channel and distributor training

Sales Training Solutions

We have devised solutions which enable mobile sales staff to access information on their smart phones, tablets etc. We also delivered contextual training on tips for their forthcoming sales meeting and micro learning which include short but precise information for sales enablement.

After studying your requirement, we will carefully devise the most appropriate method of instructional design and content delivery methods to empower your sales staff to be on their toes, ahead of their competitors.