Requirement: The CEO of eambalam Mr. T.V.Ramprasadh had the vision of making available quality teachers in Bharathanatyam and Carnatic vocal to students worldwide and especially for those who find it hard to get a guru to further their passion in Music and dance. Eambalam is the culmination of his vision to create artists everywhere through technology based online learning.

Expectation: The client wanted us to implement his concept of teaching music right from the drawing board to the technology dashboard. A total turnkey elearning project from concept to completion including planning, execution, implementation and support for the web based online music and dance portal.The delivery modes chosen for the learning were LMS platform integrated to the site (short term/medium term and advanced courses), MOODLE based platform for Diploma, Degree certification courses, MOOC platform for to disseminate the basics of Indian culture and Music, Youtube Channel for performance training and regular short term and medium term courses.

The Challenge:  Path breaking Method to teach Music, Dance and Yoga with a combination of online content access, online tutoring and offline interactions and workshops.
To create an eLearning platform which with minimum effort enable the students to adopt the new way of teaching and without diluting the learning process and addressing what we call Guru-shishya parampara. The content predominantly contains video, exercises’ and assessment. The content has to stream consistently on multiple device from mobiles to Tabs to Laptops and desktops.

Our Solution: Swift Solution created a web based eLearning portal customized and integrated with Moodle LMS (for Diploma/Certification course) implementing API interfaces of WebEx and Skype for online tutoring on model platform. This enabled the client to schedule one to one online sessions for student teacher interaction. Around 400 Hrs of elearning content was developed with more than 250 Hrs of Videos of music and dance sessions incorporated in the learning portal. Video streaming servers were separated from the LMS server for better performance and scalability. EAmbalam staff were trained to add content on their own on these platforms.

A CMS based LMS platform is currently being integrated to the website for short and medium term courses. YouTube channel is launched with performance proceedings recorded/ live content to eambalam subscribers.

Project Outcome: eambalam in a short time has become the world’s leading elearning platform for learning music and dance online. Students from world over have enrolled for music and dance courses and thus fulfilling the vision of the founders “creating artists everywhere”. It is being funded by a venture capital firm and the customers is rapidly adding more content in the areas of Life skills and Yoga thus expanding the bouquet of offerings.