Training Objective: To create a LMS platform for Employees, Dealers and Vendors.

As part of their training calendar 2014-15, Kurlon Ltd had initiated to shift few classroom training program to complete elearning and few of the programs to blended format. This exercise was undertaken to cut the cost of training. Since the manpower turnover was high especially at Dealers end, Kurlon looked at internet based elearning solution .

The Challenge: Kurlon is the number 1 brand in Mattresses and Hosiery segment in India. Their dealers are spread all over India and also in south Asian countries. Their biggest challenge was to train the ever expanding sales including the dealers quickly and effectively and capture learner data and report the training activities especially on product awareness, marketing, features and overall customer relation centrally to the HQ a Bangalore. Total estimated learners for 2014-15 was 1300. Swift had to customize and Install the LMS on Kurlon designated servers and also design and develop elearning content on Product awareness

Technically Kurlon wanted the elearning portal to be very simple and neat with Minimalistic UI and navigation. The training delivery was multi- device compatible and going forward plans are set to deliver in multiple local languages.

The Solution: The solution was to provide WordPress CMS compatible Learning Management system with the videos being streamed separately from a dedicated CDN servers (We use Rackspace, Amazon AWS for video streaming)

Each video was not more than 2-3Min and less than 8MB. A micro learning strategy was adopted to ensure that the mobile salesforce can readily access the content on their mobiles in need arises. This was also done to ensure that the downloading and streaming would be smooth and easy. A small video packed with relevant information keeps the attention span of the individual intact while viewing them.

For a Mobile workface who are customer facing or in customer service it has become an international norm to adopt micro learning techniques.

For each location we set employees into groups with a group leader based on their proximity, location and department. Then we held series of discussions with their SME (Subject matter expert) and L&D department to develop the elearning content on their various products. Currently we are executing the soft-skill aspect of the training program.

Based on approval for the L&D department, We created a Storyboard and then the complete content for 3 learning hours. The eLearning content was deployed on their elearning portal.
Finally we set up the LMS (Learning Management system) on the cloud (Using Go Daddy) and enrolled all the employees by taking their employee id and email details. A link was sent to their official ID with Username and password.

Assessment and certification for each product range was made mandatory. The navigation menus while learning were conditional to the subject of completion. The training started simultaneously at most of the locations.

The Result: Since the launch of the LMS platform along with content over 800 people completed the course in a matter of 1year and this is being made mandatory for all the dealers and their employees to get certified as Kurl-on Product expert using online course delivery.

The employees felt very motivated as they had the convenience to take the course as and when they are free and complete it without any hassles or interruptions to their work.

The management was quite impressed that they got a Great ROI (Return on investment) with a reduction of 60% YOY of their training costs. Swift Solution consulted, Engaged, Designed, Developed and Deployed the solution for Kurlon. As part of the contract we trained their IT department personnel about the maintenance and admin aspects and currently it is being administered by Kurlon only.

Bottom line: 60% YOY (Year on Year) saving in training cost compared to traditional method of training and Management achieving its training objectives. Infact the Training department reduced the manpower who were administering the training and were deployed to different departments.