Learning Portals and LMS

Dedicated learning websites where your employees/partners/sales network can login and take courses and irrespective of the workforce numbers or locations or geographies, you deliver, manage and analyse your work force progress and performance from a roboust application system.

Result oriented Training system

If you need a Learning management system which can give you the results and improve the productivity of your employees and give a great Return on your investment (ROI). You have come to the right place.

Benefits of Having a Learning Management system

  • Make learning available anywhere and everywhere and on any compatible device.
  • Engages your learners by making learning accessible, social, interactive and immersive
  • Fully automate tracking and reporting thus saving your time and improving efficiency
  • Centralize your learning activity be managing your data from a single location. You can also integrate your LMS to your HR, Talent management and performance support systems

At a consulting mode you are LMS software agnostic and help you find the best suited training system which aligns to your business goals and vision. Our experts will sit with you understand your requirements and then prepare a roadmap for LMS implementation. We are with you from selecting a LMS to sign-off supporting you all the way.

Sunray also supports Learn dash and Moodle LMS Implementation. Click on the links to know more.