eLearning Gamification Solutions

Sunray is one of the top eLearning companies in Atlanta. With a decade and half experience in developing online content. Gamification of eLearning content is part of the bouquet of eLearning services offered by us.

Just re-collect how immersive and engaging are your favourite games you play on your computer or smartphones, you are glued to it and since you want to play and win, you learn every move, rule and tricks much quicker than reading a book of game play. You become a skilled player in no time.

Now bring the same experience, feel and interactivity to the learning programs you create to engage, skill and increase on job performances of your employees. Is it not exciting to know that you can bring the gaming experience to your content.

Sunray with its years of experience in developing eLearning content offers its services in gamifying the eLearning content to offer a more immersive and interactive engagement to your learners.

It transforms the way your employees, customers or partners learn just as they play a game. It will enable the desired changes in behaviour and increase stimulation as desired the learning goals you set.

Gamification can easily simulate a real business situation, give the control to the learner to make smart choices or revert back from bad choices by providing immediate feedback.

It engages the learner thus making the experience memorable and motivating enabling the desired change. Finally, it increases the Training ROI by giving impactful and tangible results.

Our Gamification Solution for eLearning content

We have transformed eLearning content partially or fully into a gaming mode for the following segments.

  • Product skills
  • Professional skills
  • Compliance based skills

Selling skills which include customer interactions and scenarios.

All the games that we conceptualize and develop are solely designed to serve a definite learning outcome.

Transform eLearning into a gamifying mode

We offer our solution in three different ways

  • We design a learning task as part of the course and insert the game element on the learning content related to the task
  • We design a learning activity into a game mode when we have to present a concept or context and make it immersive and interactive
  • Bring the gaming activity in form of assessments at the end of course

Elements of gamification include awards, leader boards, badges, points, updates and feedback systems.