Some time you need to create content that is specific to your needs and that which align to your company’s needs. Custom elearning content by design is evolved through understanding your business drivers, your tech design and your learner needs. Hence we develop content based on learner needs and give elearning solutions that fits your budget and timeframe.

So in short custom elearning content will

  1. Fit your organizational learning objectives and vision
  2. It fully leverages your brand
  3. It’s absolutely appropriate to your learner needs

Customizing eLearning to learner needs

Our experienced elearning consultants will ask the right kind of questions to get to the underlying learner need for training. During the elearning design phase we will ensure all the interactions, user interface, Hotspots, buttons and every click records some of the user learnings.

In a custom elearning development environment, We will make user each user chooses his path of learning based on his level of knowledge at the time of taking the courses. We can build a pre-assessment to guide user to his custom learning path

Based on the complexity of interactions and subject treatment we can simulate real time job experiences, interactions and also develop interactive components, compelling videos for knowledge assimilation and critical thinking.

We ensure we use visually appealing media and visuals to enhance the learning experience of your user. Our performance measurement process is a great methodology we use to ensure your business objectives are aligned to learner needs and expectations.

ELearning Solutions by Domain

Custom eLearning content development is our forte and we have gained tremendous experience and insight into developing learning content across domains and we are using our experience to create learning content that gives tangible results.

Elearning Solutions by Industry

We have developed custom learning content for various industries by virtue of being in this industry for more than decade and we have documented and identified the requirements of each industry their skill sets, their expectations and motivational triggers.

Our instructional design experts will sit with your domain experts, understand your business dynamics and challenges and work with your team to bring the best fit training solutions.