Online custom compliance training for your employees which is engaging and built for your needs

For a compliance course to get higher adoption rates it needs to be engaging, fun to play with at the same time disseminate required knowledge. It has to be time bound.

Sunray Corp has developed a range of solutions for online compliance training which include, customized compliance content development, Localization solutions and learning portals for compliance courses for Pharma, Manufacturing, finance and healthcare industries.

With the growing concerns for environment and technology advancements has led growing need for compliance trainings. Your employees all the time have to abreast with all compliances which influence your business practices.

Compliance training – Create, deliver and measure

We work with your subject matter experts to understand your need deliver online courses which can be scaled, which can be delivered in multiple devices like laptops, desktops and mobiles at the same time controlled to give you’re the desired results.

With experience of decade and half we have created compliance courses in several domains which include

  • Environment compliance
  • Ethics and operating regulations
  • Code of conduct
  • Anti-trust training
  • Money laundering

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